Don't be afraid!

You think Linux is only for real geeks, nerds and hackers! Well, this website is for you!
Because that's not true anymore : Linux systems are now easy to use and suited for everyday tasks.

Make your opinion by watching the following videos:

These videos reflects the main features provided by the latest Ubuntu release. All features you've seen are available just after the installation of Ubuntu.

Moreover, Ubuntu is not the only Linux friendly distribution. Mandriva, Novell Suse, Fedora and many more are as easy to use as Ubuntu.

If you are looking for more practical videos, like "how-tos", check the excellents Ubuntu Screencasts.

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Want to try?

Many distributions of Linux can be run whithout interfering with your data by a live CD like Ubuntu installation CD, knoppix or Mandriva Move.


Ok, then download an image disk in order to create your ubuntu installation CD or ask for free cd shipped at your home.

Or need more arguments?

| get Linux |  If you're not sure yet to switch to Linux, check the excellent getGNU/Linux website.


More screencasts are going to be produced and any help will be fully appreciated!
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